Conference Division

DLC began supplying simultaneous interpretation services in 1998 and has steadily grown its Conference Division ever since. Currently we are unquestionably the leading provider in the Middle East with an unrivaled equipment inventory and a long list of successful events under our belt including many international United Nations events.

Our primary range of equipment is Shure DCS 6000 Digital Conference System, a market-leading range of advanced conference electronics developed with over 60 years experience of products for the global meeting and communication industry. The brand combines discussion systems, simultaneous interpretation systems, conference management software and more. DLC has built up a strong partnership with Shure and is proud to be supplying their technology in the UAE.

To cater for events where the usual configuration is not feasible, DLC offers a Tourguide system from Meder Communications Technology. Compact equipment running on RF technology ensures that excellent audio quality is delivered with added flexibility not normally achievable in a conference set up.

More information about the various services offered by our conference division can be accessed via the buttons on the right.